January 2017 -- Saint Paul – The Minnesota AgriGrowth Council is pleased to announce the election of Pat Lunemann, Partner and General Manager of Twin Eagle Dairy, as chair of its board of directors. Twin Eagle Dairy, located near Clarissa, operates an 800 cow dairy. Lunemann is past-president of the Minnesota Milk Producers Association. He will provide leadership to AgriGrowth’s 25-member board, which sets strategic direction and policy to guide AgriGrowth’s work in support of Minnesota’s food and agriculture sector.

The full press release can be found here: http://agrigrowth.org/mn-agrigrowth-council-elects-2017-leadership/

Crop farming

Twin Eagle Dairy

Dry cows and heifers are housed on bedded pack or pasture at the "home" farm. A custom heifer grower, Jerry Gjerstad, raises pregnant heifers for us until 3 weeks before calving.


We pasteurize our milk and colostrum for young calves. Radio frequency tags track how much calves eat each day. They also always have access to grain and water at all times.

Off site Facilities

Automated Calf Feeding Barn

October 2016 -- Twin Eagle Dairy had a 20th anniversary celebration of the first cows entering the freestall barn and parlor. Friends, neighbors, vendors, and employees all enjoyed authentic Mexican tacos by Geo, and apple crisp and ice cream by Jody and Diane. Former employee Ray Iddings and his wife, Sue, provided music. Pat told the story of the past 20 years, and our guests enjoyed a tour of the dairy! Everyone had a great time!

Twin Eagle Dairy celebrates 20th anniversary
Lunemann elected as chairman of Minnesota AgriGrowth Council

We farm 1,600 acres, raising corn, alfalfa, rye, and grass for for the dairy herd. Most of our purchased feed is from Pro Ag Services in Clarissa and Eagle Bend.

The dairy milks 800 lactating cows three times daily. Most cows live in a freestall barn with full time access to feed, water, and soft stalls. Special needs and post-fresh cows are housed in a compost barn.