Twin Eagle Dairy

Twin Eagle Dairy was formed was created in 1995, but the farm's history within the Lunemann family can be traced back to 1932 when Pat's grandparent's, Clem and Antonia, moved there. Pat and Jody took over the farm from Pat's parents, Ben and Marie,  in 1983.

Twin Eagle Dairy operates an 800 cow dairy and farms 1,500 acres of corn, alfalfa, and grass. Pat and Jody Lunemann have farmed for 35 years, and much of the current operation has been in the family since 1932. The Lunemanns have completed many conservation practices on their farm.  They strive to improve water and air quality, soil health, livestock health and dairy efficiency while protecting and improving the natural resources of the area.  Pat and Jody still find time for involvement in several civic organizations.  Pat serves as chairman of Minnesota AgriGrowth, and served as President of the Minnesota Milk Producers Association for nine years.  He remains as a director at Minnesota Milk.

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